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Best apps to Manage Your Android Phone From Your Computer

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Multitasking on a smartphone, no matter how powerful it is, is a nightmare. We are constrained by the smartphone or tablet's small screen and its insistence on allowing us to utilise only one app at a time.

On the desktop, it is probably easier to manage a large amount of media, such as our images, movies, and music. This is when tools like the ones shown in this article come in handy.

It allows us to better manage the contents and materials in our mobile, in addition to transferring large files from mobile to desktop. A handful of these apps even allow us to use the phone's camera or take mobile screenshots from our computers.

Most crucially, we can perform all of this without being constrained by the various desktop operating systems. Let's have a look at some of the techniques you can use to control your Anxiety.


Mobizen gives you access to all multimedia content on your phone, including contacts and calls, and allows you to transfer files between your Android and your PC. Mobizen also lets you share music, photographs, and movies on your larger desktop screen, record your Android screen (without rooting), and utilise your Android from your computer screen.


Airmore is a smartphone programme that allows you to stream videos, photographs, and your music library. To make downloading and deleting photos easier, they are sorted by day or month. You may also use Airmore to manage your contacts, send numerous messages at once to your contacts, and even initiate a phone call (note that you cannot end the call directly from your desktop).

Mighty Text

Mighty Text was built for those who, for reasons we won't get into here, still text by SMS. However, you can send and receive SMS or MMS on your PC using your current phone number, or send an SMS from your Gmail account, using Mighty Text. The software includes a PowerView that allows you to conduct out numerous conservations at once.

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