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Every day, it seems, a new animation library and development tool is released. VIVIFY

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

With CSS3's growing popularity, I can see why developers are creating so many resources. Recently, one new library in particular caught my eye: Vivify. This is a free CSS-based animation toolkit that works similarly to Animate.css. It does, however, provide completely unique animations that you won't find anywhere else. Could you create these animations from the ground up? Certainly. However, it will take a lot of time and effort, and it is not the simplest method. Working with Vivify is a good option because it saves time rather than reinventing the wheel. On the homepage, you can see all of their pre-built animation styles.

There's also a link to the GitHub repository, where you may get a copy of the most recent script. All you need right now is the Vivify CSS file in your website header, and it should work perfectly.

You may also add custom delays to your animations with Vivify. You can control when they run and when the visitor sees them this way. Alternatively, you may use JavaScript to dynamically apply these classes to your page components as they appear. There are several options, features, and customization possibilities. On the main site, you can test some of the demo files and even see some of the samples. It'll simply take a few lines of code to get this up and running, and I'm confident you'll enjoy your new animations.

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