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Malayala kala gramam Mahe The Santhinikethan of Kerala

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Also known as santhinikethan of kerala

New Mahe, around 29 kilometres from Kannur, is home to Malayala Kalagramam. It is a well-known art and cultural learning centre that offers painting, sculpting, music, dance, and ceramics classes. The center's mission is to develop young people's artistic potential and to educate them about art, its trends, applications, and history so that they can better apply their skills in the real world.

The A. P. Kunhikannan Trust established the centre in 2003 to conserve Malabar's cultural history. The library, exhibition hall, art gallery, sculpture garden, and auditorium were built to aid in the study of the arts. Visitors are permitted to observe classes with the Director's permission.

The cultural centre aspires to help individuals better integrate art into their daily lives. Painting, sculpture, music, dance, and pottery are all offered in Malayala Kalagramam. A sculpture garden, an art gallery, an exhibition hall, a library, a 300-seat theatre, cottages for staff and students, separate guesthouses for tourists, and a café are located on the property.

The present Managing Trustee of the Kalagramam Sri A.P.Kunhikannan is also its founder. He was at the helm of Western Agencies, Chennai when with the assistance of close friends and associates he ventured to start a centre of art and culture. Late Sri. M.P. Damodaran a freedom fighter and a close associate of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kamaraj Nadar, Dr. K.B. Menon, one of the most distinguished Socialist Leaders who was an associate of Jayaprakash Narayan and, M.Govindhan a top Intellectual and Poet were some of the many public figures who inspired A.P. Kunhikannan and his life’s work. They were also people with whom he closely associated till they breathed their last. The major inspiration for his endeavour to establish an eminent centre for art and culture however came mainly from M. Govindan‘s life and works.Artists, writers, poets and intellectuals used to gather together at Govindan’s residence in Chennai. Late M.V.Devan, an architect and eminent artist,

T.Padmanabhan a great Malayalam short story writer and A.P.Kunhikannan were among those who formed a lasting bond with M.Govindan.It was the creative space this informal gathering brought forth that helped A.P.Kunhikannan to articulate his thoughts about a centre for arts and cultural activities. Late Mr.M.V.Devan played a major role in materializing this dream.

Sri . A . P. Kunhikannan has received the famous “Ramashramam” award in recognition of his works.

Nearest tourism spot near Malayalakalagramam is Thalassery and Thalassery fort was erected in 1708 by the British East India Company to build a stronghold on the Malabar Coast. It served as the British military's headquarters. The square fort is both an imposing structure and an architectural marvel, with its large walls, powerful flanking bastions from which cannons could be set, secret tunnels to the sea, underground caves, and delicately carved gigantic doors.

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