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Victor Perard a never forgotten personality who legendary pioneer of many art students.

(1870-1957) was a French-American artist, author, and educator known for his contributions to the field of art education. Perard studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he honed his skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture. He moved to the United States in the early 1900s and established himself as a successful artist and illustrator, working for publications such as Harper's Weekly and Collier's Magazine. In addition to his work as an artist, Perard was also a prolific author and educator. He wrote and illustrated several books on drawing, anatomy, and art history, including the widely popular "Anatomy and Drawing" series. These books have been used by generations of art students and continue to be valued resources for artists and educators today. Perard was also a dedicated teacher, and he taught at several art schools and universities throughout his career, including the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He was known for his patient and encouraging teaching style, and many of his students went on to become successful artists and illustrators in their own right. Victor Perard's contributions to art education continue to be recognized and celebrated today. His legacy as an artist, author, and educator has had a lasting impact on the field of art, inspiring and influencing countless artists and art students over the years.

Perard was known for his expertise in figure drawing and anatomy, and he authored several instructional books on these topics, including "Anatomy and Drawing" and "Drawing Trees." His books were widely used in art schools and studios and were highly regarded for their clarity and precision. Perard was also a skilled painter and created many landscapes, still lifes, and portraits throughout his career. He exhibited his work at the National Academy of Design, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and other prominent galleries.

Perard's legacy lives on through his instructional books, which continue to be used by artists and art students today. His dedication to teaching and his passion for art have made a lasting impact on the world of art education and have inspired countless artists to pursue their creative dreams.

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